Carpet Cleaning Reviews



Khoi T

6  months ago Called him and asked for an estimate on one room and  compared to most companies, they would try to hustle you by telling you  it's a low minimum then throw in extra just to make a few more bucks off  of you. This guy is down to earth and will tell you the truth and what  he recommends before you spend more money on getting it cleaned! Hes  very honest to his clients and I really appreciate that


6  months ago Love that he is very honest and upfront with what he can and  cannot do due to the state of your carpet beforehand. Prices are great.  10/10 recommend

William C

a  year ago- I had Carpet Pro come out and clean my carpet today.  I have  had carpet cleaners come in and do a three room for $99 special before  and been relatively happy, but it always seemed like just a good  vacuuming.   The guy from Carpet Pro did the whole house, cleaned some  long term pet stains, and combed out the carpet afterwards.  The stains  are removed but the best thing is the smell has been eliminated.  I  didn't even know it had a smell until it wasn't there.  I would  recommend this service to anyone that wants the complete house done.  It  was very reasonable.  It was more than $99.00, but there were no  surprises when he gave me the invoice.  If I would have had to do it, I  would have charged more


a  year ago- Had the carpets cleaned and the stains came back within a  month the smells came back within 3. This guy was amazing. Followed the  pet stains and got everything. Soaked the pads and used a chemicals that  will continue to work for the next few weeks. Our carpet has been  saved! He's a hard worker with a tell the truth attitude and great  prices! I plan on having him come back if we have any future problems  and come clean our carpets when we move out. Well and beyond worth it

Wendy  08/08/2017

My  experience:This company is probably the #1 in Arlington,Tx. my carpet  had not been cleaned since 2014, Carpet Pro Carpet Care and the owner  made my carpet look and feel like it was new again!    They came on  time, and Chris the owner was so experienced and explained all that his  company provides.  So very happy and glad that I chose this company and  if you have carpet that needs cleaning call, you wont be  disappointed!!!!!   Wendy

Janine G 5/3/2017

                  My  husband and I are very impressed with how good our  carpets look after  Chris Morgan, the owner cleaned them.  We found Chris  very  knowledgeable and honest.  He was able to give us an estimate over  the  phone which was in line with what he ended up charging once he saw  the  floors in person.  He protected wall corners and wood floors from  the  hoses and even did the sofa twice at no extra charge to get it  cleaned  to his satisfaction. We will definitely call Chris anytime we  need our  carpets cleaned.